Question? At check-out I'm being asket to choose an available date on the date selector calendar only, but the date I want is not there. If I just enter the date manually then you will deliver that day. Right?


Answer: Wrong. By doing this you are purposely contravening our policies, and if you do your order will either be delivered on the earliest available date at the time of purchase on the calander, or your order will be cancelled (by us or at your request). Regarless a $3.50 administration charge (a non-refundable charge that our credit card processing company will not reimburse us) will be charged to your refund. There will be a 5 to 10 business delay imposed by our processing company under these circumstances. Also you may be blocked from purchasing from us again.




Question? I'm trying to place an order at the check-out page but I can't proceed because the page keeps asking me to choose a delivery method, but under the Delivery Methods heading it only says "* A member of the team will contact you"?


Answer: Sometimes if the page is refreshed or if you leave the check-out page and come back this may happen. In order to solve this check and then uncheck the "Use this address for shipping" box located under the Billing address form. Then fill in your information and enter your postal codes without spaces (i.e. H1H2B2). A calendar date selector or expedited shipping option should appear under Delivery Methods.




Question? Why did you contact the recipient?


Answer: There are a number of reasons we contact the recipient. First to confirm the address. There are always instances where the address/unit number provided is wrong, the person moved, or the person just wont be there on the chosen date of delivery.

Secondly only the first delivery attempt is free, each subsequent attempt the buyer is charged $16 + tax.

For ship outs we will not contact the reciepient. It is up to the buyer to provide us with the correct address. If we are provided an incorrect address then the buyer will have to pay to have the items shipped back to us and pay to have it shipped out to the correct address. Once the items leave our facility they cannot be returned for a refund since we cannot re-sell returned food items and are considered a total loss.

We will not be held responsible for such situations. Please contact the individual and confirm that you have their correct address before ordering.

Please verify your automated order confirmation email as it will contain all the info you entered for delivery. If you see an error contact us immediatly so we can correct it. If you did not recieve a confirmation please contact us immediatly. We will not be held responsible if a wrong email was provided or if the emails went to your junk box.

If you prefer you may ask us not to call the recipient as long as you agree to pay any delivery charges that may ensue.




Question? Why do you have such delivery/Shipping policies? People make mistakes.


Answer: True we all make mistakes but it's best if they can be avoided. Without these policies we would have to increase our prices significantly.




Question? My item was shipped out by Canada Post Expedited Parcel because it is outside your local area, but it arrived after the estimated date of delivery provided by Canada Post or the estimated date has changed. Why?


Answer: Please understand that the dates quoted are estimates provided by the shipping company. These can change and can be longer than initialy indicated.

We at Montpetit Creations make no promise or guarentee that you item will be shipped within a certain time frame or by a certain date as once the box is handed over it is out of our hands.

During peak shipping times of the year the probabilty that your item will arrive after the estimate date can increase.

Also we cannot ship out an item for it to be delivered on a specific day or hour. Again because it is out of our hands.

We have greater control over deliveries inside our local zone because in most cases we deliver it ourselves or in somes cases by local courrier service.




Question? If the person confirms that someone will be home to accept it, but when the delivery person arrives no one is home. Will I be charged for a second delivery?


Answer: In these kinds of situations the recipient may be home but doesn't answer the door (ie in the bathroom, sleeping, doesn't hear the doorbell), or may have stepped out for a few minutes. In this case we will leave the basket at their door, with a doorperson, or in between doors at their building complexe (in some cases we are requested to do one of these by the recipient) if the situation permits.

We will call them letting them know or leave a message indicating where the basket is located.




Question?: Can I come to one of your workshops to choose a gift basket?


Answer: For the time being our workshops are not open to the public due to the pandemic situation.




Question?: I want to order a large quantity of baskets for an event. What should I do?


Answer: We need to know the amount of baskets, when you will need them and the adresses to which they need to be delivered at least 4 to 6 weeks before delivery for medium to large orders. Contact us for more details.





By using our website or making any purchase with us (online or by telephone) or by any means you are automatically agreeing to our terms and conditions, even if you do not read these terms and conditions. We ask that you please take the time to read them.




All information provided on checkout is done so through secure checkout. We do not store any of your credit card information in our systems.

We reserve the right to cancel any order that we may suspect for any reason to be fraudulent. Please be advised that we shall not be held responsible for any delay from the time we cancel and refund your order to the time you receive the actual refund in your account.

We will not be responsible for any theft or loss of merchandise after it has been delivered, including being left outside a residence after we have scheduled or exhausted attempts to contact the buyer and/or recipient. 


A - Slander, Defamation, and False Statements

By using our website, making any purchases through this website, by telephone, or any other means, or if you are the recipient of any of our products you agree not to make any false statements at any time (including exaggerations) or disparaging (ie slander or defamation) remarks about Paniers Cadeaux Montpetit Créations a.k.a. Montpetit Creations Gift Baskets in any way shape or form on any social media or public forum. If you do including if you use an alias or have someone make such comments for you will be in violation of this service agreement whether you took the time to read these terms and conditions or not and may face legal action by us in order to obtain financial compensation for any past, present, and future lost revenue once we become aware of such actions.

B - Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee within 14 days after delivery, which may include the complete replacement of any items at no charge, the totality of your purchase at no charge, or your money back. Any violation of Section II paragraph A of these terms and conditions will render this guarantee null and void including after you have been compensated. It is our goal to provide you with a great client experience contact us at or call us at 514-295-4059 if you experience any issues or are unsatisfied for any reason.


A - Shipping

Please read our shipping policy on the shipping page. By agreeing to these conditions you also agree to our shipping policies.

B - Recipient Address Policy

At Montpetit Creations Gift Baskets we strive to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. In order to allow us to provide you with the best possible client experience, we ask that you please make sure that all pertinent information regarding your intended gift basket recipient be correct and include all necessary information.

Please make sure you provide us the correct and complete address of the person you wish to send your gift to. Please provide the correct first and last name of the recipient, as well as their full address including any unit/suite/apartment number, buzz in code if one is required, correct postal code, and a valid contact phone number where they can be reached.

Although we hope it never comes to it any orders that have to be re-delivered/shipped due to incomplete address shall be done so at the buyer’s expense, these include the full cost of having the package shipped back to us and having the package re-shipped out.

If despite our best efforts any order is deemed undeliverable to the intended recipient for any reason and is returned to us, the buyer shall be charged the full shipping costs incurred in having the package sent back to us plus a 35% restocking fee of the original price. No shipping charges shall be refunded. 


Cancellation Policy

Before we ship out any order we shall contact you to confirm your order. You may at any time until your order is confirmed cancel your order for a full refund. Once your order is shipped out it can no longer be cancelled.

Please be aware that any refunds may take up to 7 business days by our bank to be credited back to you. This is a bank policy for which we have no control over.


Product Substitution

We work hard in order to make sure that our clients receive their Gift baskets as ordered but sometimes due to the fact that some products become unavailable we must make substitutions and reserve the right to do so. Any substitution made will be done with a product of equal or greater value.



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